Geist Coffee – Indy Coffee Trail

I’m always looking for a good cup of coffee and a great place to consume it and I found both near Geist Reservoir.

With a fireplace for those cold days and a patio for warmer weather, Geist Goffe Company is a family run business that suits your needs in any weather. They strive to use local suppliers and products as much as possible for the wide assortment of items you’ll find on their menu. You will find a variety of coffees from around the world roasted in partnership with a local company. If you’re wanting to catch a bite to eat you will find a variety of coffee cakes that are baked on the premises, as well as breakfast sandwiches and bagels.

Just off from Geist reservoir, a beautiful and large body of water that furnishes drinking water for much of northern Indy. On the water you will find sailing, fishing, and waterskiing when weather allows it, as well as a walking trail suitable for the whole family.

Give Geist coffee a visit you will be supporting a family venture and supporting the local economy…you’ll be glad.


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