Volunteering & Social Work

As a photographer I’ve had the opportunity to experience and be part of a myriad of different projects, even if just for a day, I was there, seeing the efforts of other volunteers, preparation and skills of other artists, athletes, or just regular people having a good time.

“Respeitável Público” (Respectable Public) was a Circus project offered to kids at the Federal University of Viçosa. I had the opportunity to photograph the training, backstage and presentation of this beautiful spectacle.
The project is unique and the impact it brings to the life and upbringing of those children is visible and so valuable.

I joined Neparc (http://argumentosdocorpo.com.br/home/) in 2015 and have been taking pictures of this amazing dance group since then.

Being part of the Neparc family I’m always invited for the events at the “Department of Arts and Humanities” at the Federal University of Viçosa, and I’m always happy to register those.

4ª MID – Mostra Independente de Dança 2017

This was a seminar at the university that showcased students and local artists:

The Federal University of Viçosa receives many different dance companies through the year, here’s some of the work I’ve photographed:

Unimed Vitória is a health insurance company in Brazil, they had a fundraiser where the employees competed, a friend and I volunteered to take pictures that day, it was a great experience!!

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